How to use Facebook Timeline Covers

Step 1.

The application is very simple - just click on any Facebook Cover photo to preview and upload it to your Facebook profile.

If you want to create your own Facebook cover, you can do it with our easy to use Facebook cover maker.

If you just want to Upload your own photo, we have Use Own Photo tool, which will help you to crop the area of your photo to fit it exactly into the size of Facebook cover.
This tool has a simple Editor. It appears after you upload your photo. It allows you to add a text to your Cover, select different fonts and color for the text.

If you want to choose from the selection of our Facebook Covers, simply click on any of our "ready to use" Facebook Cover photos, and it will be uploaded to your profile automatically:

Step 3.

Once the Cover is uploaded to your Facebook profile you will see a link: "Now click here and set it as your Facebook Cover". Follow this link to set the photo as Facebook Cover on your profile:

Step 4.

Your new Facebook cover should be already in it's place. Just click on "Save" to confirm.
If it is not there yet, click on "Change Cover" button, which appears on your existing Facebook Cover when you hover mouse over it, and click "Choose from Photos":

! The photo which you uploaded last will show first in the list of Facebook Cover photos. Click on it to select it:

Step 5.

Click on "Save Changes" to save:

If you need any Facebook covers which we don't have, and you want it to be made, please request it on our Facebook Fans page.

! If you browse internet on a Tablet or iPad, try to use a Tab version of our site.

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